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Thank you for using our online calculator for estimating the costs and fees associated with purchasing real property. Our staff at Backman Title looks forward to helping you with your settlement and closing.

Please remember this form does not provide an accurate representation of the condition of title or issues that may affect real property.

To obtain more accurate information about closing costs and the condition of title please contact a licensed representative Backman Title Services, LTD and request a preliminary title report with escrow and settlement services. The title insurance rates & escrow fees quoted here are based on filings with the Utah Department of Insurance on or before March 1, 2019 and they are subject to change at any time. Title insurance rates are set by their respective underwriters and also subject to change based differences in rounding. An ALTA Extended Lender’s title insurance policy rate with the standard endorsements is quoted here. Lender policy types and amounts may vary and not all properties are insurable. Contact a licensed employee of Backman Title Services to stay up to date with the latest rates and tools including possible reissue rates.

This is not an offer to sell, solicit or negotiate settlement fees, because additional fees and other requirements may apply. Due to differences in rounding, title insurance rates this quote may vary $1 - $2.

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