Management Group

Canyon Anderson

Canyon Anderson has served as president and general counsel for Backman Title Services since 1988. He also serves as chairman of the board of directors. After graduating from the University of Utah, Canyon continued his education at the University of Tulsa College of Law where he graduated in 1985. In addition to his responsibilities at Backman, Canyon also served as a member and chair of the Title and Escrow Commission for the Utah Insurance Department from 2007 to 2011.

Jim Crockatt

Jim Crockatt has been with Backman Title Services since 1987 and currently works as an escrow officer and Executive Vice-President. In addition to those duties Jim also currently manages an escrow branch. Decades of experience have made Jim a valued resource for both residential and commercial closings. Prior to his career in escrow, Jim graduated from the University of Utah.

Patrick Mullaly

Patrick Mullaly started with Backman Title Services on August 15, 1979 and has since served in nearly every capacity including courier, Title Plant Manager, Escrow Officer, Branch Manager and Vice President. Patrick uses the knowledge and experience that he has gained to serve Backman as the Human Resource Director, he also continues his role as an Owner and Corporate Secretary.

Brett Simpson

Brett Simpson is the Chief Financial Officer and Manager of Information Systems. Brett has worked at Backman Title since 1989 and in addition to his escrow license he is a licensed resident producer in several other insurance lines. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Brett is a board member and he manages to keep Backman Title running at peak efficiency integrating new technology and keeping staff up to date.

Tracy Dye

Tracy Dye has worked in title and escrow marketing and sales since 1987 and with Backman Title Services since 1991. Tracy is a valuable member of the management committee for Backman Title Services. Tracy is a model of both integrity and consistency and he continues overseeing sales activities for the company. Tracy has developed many key relationships with several groups including the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® and the Women's Council of Realtors® and continues to maintain relationships with numerous clients.

David W. Johnson

David W. Johnson joined the Backman Title Services team in May 2014. David “DJ” has been working in the title industry since 1986 and achieved his title and escrow licenses in 1993. In 1995 he moved from Salt Lake City to St. George to open and manage a branch office for a competitor company and in June of 2000 opened his own title company. In early 2014, Backman Title acquired his company, Sun West Title. Through the years he has conducted title searched in almost every county in the State of Utah and has closed virtually every kind of transaction specializing in residential sale transactions. David served as Regional Vice President of the ULTA in 1999-2000.

Spring Johnson

Spring Johnson began her professional career in banking and management. Spring Johnson then began her career in the Title Insurance Industry in 1994. She has owned and operated a title agency for the past 15 years, which was acquired by Backman Title in May of 2014. Spring brings her management experience to the Backman Title Management Team; and specializes in Residential, Commercial and 1031 Exchange Escrow. She is the mother of four spectacular children. Her personal interests include all activities in the outdoors; and is also passionate about reading.

Bill Feveryear

Bill Feveryear has worked in the title business since 1993 and currently works as the manager at the Orem, Utah branch of Backman Title Services. Bill graduated from the University of Utah and began working at Backman Title in March of 1996. Bill is licensed in both title and escrow and has worked in multiple counties as a title searcher and examiner. Currently Bill works as an escrow officer with experience in residential and commercial transactions and as a member of the management committee.

Jennifer P. Hyatt

Jennifer P. Hyatt has worked in the title industry since 1994 and joined Backman Title Services in 1999. Jenny currently works as and escrow officer and the manager for the Layton, Utah branch and she serves as a member of the management committee for Backman Title Services. Jenny maintains relationships with several large lenders and real estate offices. Jenny is recognized by many in the company as an excellent teacher and mentor. Many of Jenny's former assistants and employees have become valuable members of the Backman Title Services family.

Pamela Miller

Pamela Miller began her career with Stewart Title of Utah and has been with Backman Title Services since 1989. In her work as an escrow officer Pam has attended thousands of settlements and successfully closed and funded thousands of files. Pam is the manager of Backman Title Service's West Jordan, Utah branch and supervises operations and employees there and also serves as a member of the management committee. Pam brings her knowledge and experience into every closing and she has taught and mentored several of Backman Title Service's successful escrow officers.

Tina M. Perkins

Tina M. Perkins started working in title and escrow in 1977. She worked as Title Plant Manager for Stewart Title of Utah when Backman Title Company and Stewart Title of Utah merged in 1989. A large part of the success and longevity of Backman Title Services stems from Tina's commitment to quality and her detail oriented approach. In addition to managing and supervising title plant operations, Tina has trained employees and streamlined plant operations to run at peak efficiency. Tina is also a member of the management committee for Backman Title Services and she has served as the Vice Chair of the Bluffdale City Planning Commission.

Ifi Su'a-Filo

Ifi Su'a-Filo joined the American Fork, Utah branch of Backman Title Services in 1998 after beginning his career in title in 1994. Ifi is a graduate of Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho and he currently works in marketing and sales. Ifi's clients benefit from his positive attitude and well as his background in title searching and experience with public records. Ifi also serves as a member of the management committee.

Candida Su'a-Filo

Candida Su'a-Filo started her Title/Escrow career in 1990. She learned to search, obtained a Title license in 1992 and later managed Title operations. She obtained an Escrow license in 1993 and joined the Escrow Staff of the American Fork, Utah branch of Backman Title Services in 1998. She works as an Escrow Officer and manages the American Fork Escrow Staff. Her Title experience has been helpful in her work with clients in residential and commercial development. Candida also serves as a member of the management committee.

Michael Brinkerhoff

Michael Brinkerhoff has worked with Backman Title Services since 1993 where he began in territory marketing and sales. Over a decade ago Mike transitioned into escrow where he has gained a loyal clientele. Mike's responsibilities include working as the office manager in the Bountiful branch and as a member of the management committee. Mike has also served as the affiliate member for various industry groups and he is also a licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Real Estate.

John Smith

John Smith has worked in commercial escrow, marketing and sales since 2003 and with Backman Title Services since 2005. John was instrumental and a key part in Backman Title opening its downtown commercial office. Mr. Smith graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. John is an active member of CCIM and was one of the founding members of the biggest commercial awards banquet in Utah – CCIM Business Excellence Awards.

Scott Lundberg

Scott Lundberg is an attorney and is a licensed title and escrow agent. He has represented mortgage servicers in foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, deficiency, lender liability, title and related matters since 1978. He was educated at Brigham Young University (BA, Economics 1975) and the University of Chicago (JD 1978). He is a member of the Utah State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the American College of Mortgage Attorneys and the Commercial Law League of America.